2011-08 Italia

In the middle of 2011 we were not sure where to go for a holiday. Rather spontaneously we opted for a round trip through the middle of Italy: Apulia – Basilikata – Campania. We flew to Naples and got a rental car and headed eastwards.

Day 1, 17.08.2011
Canosa di Puglia and Castel del Monte.

Day 2, 18.08.2011
Towards Alberobello

Day 3, 19.08.2011
Martina Franka and Matera

Day 4, 20.08.2011
Amalfi coast

Day 5, 21.08.2011
Transit day

Day 6, 22.08.2011

Normally I am too stingy to take a tour guide. In this case the person which approached us was German speaking and quite a nice guy. We had no regrets, the opposite, we would not have gained that amount of insight.

Day 7, 23.08.2011
Isola Capri

Day 8, 24.08.2011
Capri – Napoli

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