06-2016 Cycling to Rome

After my retirement in Mai 2015 I could eventually get more often on one of my bicycles again. A long standing dream was to cycle to Rome on a racing bike with light luggage. Two good friends, Heinz and Bruno cought fire to accompany me and we started in June 2016.

The total distance was about 1.200 km and 5.500 m altitude.
We planned 8 days for the journey and managed it well.

Day 1,09.06.2016
The day offered a light drizzle in the morning. We decided to start with a little help from friends: Helga, Heinz’s wife, drove us a few kilometres to Spittal / Pyhrn. There the rain has subsided and we jumped onto the bikes.

Arrival in Radstadt

Day 2, 02.06.2016

Transfer from Bad Gastein to Mallnitz – Later Dinner in Sillian

Day 3, 03.06.2016

Break in Bozen, sleeping in Auer

Day 4, 04.06.2016

Break in Trento

Stage in Verona

Day 5, 05.06.2016

Break in Padua

Day 6, 06.06.2016

Stage in lovely Florence

Day 7, 07.06.2016

Stage in Lago di Bolsena

Day 8, 08.06.2016

Tired Bikes 🙂

Day 9, 09.06.2016
For sight seeing