2018-04 Italy – Sicily

Originally my plan was to take my motor home and travel to the Delta of the River Danube in Romania. But I was not sure about opening times of Camping Sites in April and became nervous to explore uncharted territory on my own. Therefore a better known and also very attractive destination got a chance: Sicily. In hindsight I should have taken more time for all sections of the trip: driving down, around the island and back up. I did it in about nine days. 3+3+3…

Day 1, 14.04.2018
Haag to Cesenatico

Day 2, 15.04.2018

Day 3, 16.04.2018
Onto Sicily

Day 4, 17.04.2018

Day 5, 18.04.2018

Camping near Syrakus

Day 6, 19.04.2018

Farewell Sicily

Day 7, 20.04.2018
To Bolsena at Lake Bolsena

Day 8, 21.04.2018
Siena, Florence, Malcesine

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