2016-09 Barcelona

After finalizing my first Camino in Spain, Camino Francais, I met my wife Ingrid in Barcelona. We had a wonderful time exploring Antonio Gaudi’s garden and buildings and many more attractions. After Paris and London it is Europe’s most visited metropole. No surprise.

Antonio Gaudis famous Garden:

Beauty might be in the eyes of the beholder, I am a true admirer of his creativity, his ideas, breaking conventions, insuring perfect functionality and purpose.

Actually in Austria we had comparable artist and architect, Friedich Hundertwasser. Is famous, but an edge behind Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia from Antonio Gaudi as well.

My web site is namend “Time-Trave”, time stands still when roaming Barcelona.

The panel above the public library was designed by Pablo Picasso on three pieces of nappies in a restaurant. Fake or true?

As I am a true travel fanatic, Christoph Columbus is quite an inspiration of perserverance and bravery. He had to head West.

Apparently Barcelona had an offer from a guy called Eiffel to build them a steel tower for the world exhibition then. They preferred the Arc 🙁
At the end of a long stroll around Barcelon we found a wine tasting festival with fine examples of Spanish wineries. Envious? 🙂

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