Day 35, 16.08.2019, AB Laval – Orleans – Jargeau, 266 km

I did not mention in yesterday’s report that I stopped at a highway fuel station for the night. I headed east again towards Germany and Austria.

55 km before Orleans I found Schloss Châteaudun. What a beauty.

In Orleans I parked at the river Loire opposite the city and rode my bike to town.

A bit further up is already an image oft this hotel and court yard. Now, one hour later it was used for a celebration of the French National Holiday. They had representatives from the US Army around in their original uniforms. Also vehicles were on show from 1945.

One of the vehicles was a Dodge troop transporter which I had driven in my military training in 1979. Can you believe that? It was not a question that I could take a seat and get photographed by the US Army.

About 15 km “behind” Orleans was Jargeau, which had a small parking lot for motor homes. Quite quaint views.

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